Is Alexandria, Virginia a Great Place to Live?

Discover why living in Alexandria VA is an excellent choice! Learn about its high quality of life & job opportunities as well as its cost of living.

Is Alexandria, Virginia a Great Place to Live?

Alexandria is a city in Virginia with a population of 158,185 and is located in Alexandria City County. It is one of the best places to live in Virginia, offering an urban environment and most residents rent their homes. Alexandria has a lot of restaurants, cafés, parks, and other attractions that make it a great place to live. People who live here enjoy historic history on every cobbled street, easy access to Washington, DC, and lots of fantastic neighborhoods to choose from.

Located across the sparkling Potomac River, there are lots of fun things to do every season, and the thriving economy provides jobs in nearly every sector. Alexandria has an exceptionally high quality of life, which has led to constant population growth, which naturally affects affordability. Despite this, the total cost of living in Alexandria is still 13.2% more affordable than that of neighboring Arlington and 7.3% more than that of Washington, D. C.

Not only that, but the median household income in Alexandria is considerably higher than in the U. S. UU. The city is also full of beautiful historic houses, which often lead to increased maintenance costs.

However, Alexandria's growing job market, high incomes, and property tax incentives help mitigate the cost of real estate and home repairs. As in most cities, there is traffic congestion in Alexandria and most residents have to travel 30 minutes without traffic. If you're religious or just like historical importance, you'll find a church in Alexandria. However, you can save a little money when it comes to healthcare and public services, which are slightly more affordable in Alexandria than in the United States.

Many military-employed residents in Alexandria choose to live on the base, while others live outside of it with their monthly housing allowance. Alexandria-based residents who live in Fairfax County attend schools in the Fairfax school district. As a city with lots of professional job opportunities, it makes sense that Alexandria has some of the best universities in the country. Supply and demand play a role in establishing monthly rentals for Alexandria and the surrounding area.

Or take part in hands-on activities with real historical artifacts at the Archaeological Museum of Alexandria. The list of Alexandria's top employers defines the quality of business practices in and around the city, with a labor market comprised of independent and technological companies such as Systems Planning & Analysis Inc. In addition, transportation is significantly more expensive in this city than the average cost in Virginia. It's a collection of restaurants, boutiques, antique stores, and theaters, and it's a popular spot for both people living in Alexandria and for visitors.

The city is the owner of many of Alexandria's major historic sites and is responsible for the preservation, interpretation and promotion of these links with the past. In short, no matter what you're looking for or what you like to do for fun, Alexandria has a neighborhood for everyone. Earn a degree in liberal arts, homeland security, criminology, and more in the top programs at Northern Virginia Community College. There are more than 200 schools in the Alexandria metropolitan region, including preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, secondary schools and private schools.