Discover the Richest Part of Alexandria, VA

Discover North Ridge-Rosemont: The Wealthiest Neighborhood in Alexandria VA

Discover the Richest Part of Alexandria, VA

Alexandria is a city full of treasures, and Rosemont is one of the most desirable areas to live in for those who want easy access to the region. It's the kind of place where you can find tree-lined streets, front porch swings, and sidewalks around the neighborhood. It's close to King Street and Braddock Road subway stations, so those looking to take public transportation from Alexandria to get to the city can do so with ease. Beach Park is the largest park in the area.

Old Town offers great access to city services via I-495 and the Washington Ring Road. The community itself is home to numerous cafés, art galleries, and small boutiques on the waterfront of Old Alexandria, mostly locally owned. The Torpedo Factory Art Center is one of the gems of the area. Outdoor restaurants, water taxis, river cruises, and fun shopping make this area a great destination.

It's one of the most popular areas for Alexandria's festivals and events throughout the year. A study by investment advisory firm SmartAsset found that Alexandria ranked sixth in a summary of Virginia's wealthiest counties (and cities), as first reported by the magazine Alexandria Living. To read more about Alexandria, check out the best neighborhoods in Alexandria and the worst neighborhoods in Alexandria. There are also several old subdivisions and areas, as this community has long been established as a vital part of Alexandria.

Alexandria has more artists, designers and people working in the media than 90% of communities in the United States. Education tends to be closely linked to income, and in Alexandria 57% of adults have bachelor's degrees or higher, compared to 31% across the country. The neighborhood with the highest median income, North Ridge-Rosemont, was named as the wealthiest neighborhood in Alexandria. It's also interesting to note that Alexandria is home to more people who work in computers and mathematics than in 95% of places in the United States.

Any of the communities of Alexandria may be worth a closer look for those who wish to live near Washington, DC and its surrounding area. With a population of 154,706 people and 93 constituent neighborhoods, Alexandria is the eighth largest community in Virginia. Not only are Alexandria home prices among the most expensive in Virginia, but Alexandria real estate is also consistently among the most expensive in the United States. Those who want to be close to America's capital for any reason usually look for available housing in Alexandria.

This means that Alexandria's income is much higher than the median income in the United States, with household income in cities at the 95th percentile. If you're considering making Alexandria your next destination, contact Your At Home team at (70) 286-1333 to start finding your ideal home today. Many of the houses in the old town of Alexandria maintain their colonial-era charm, especially the terraced houses that line its main streets, some of which are cobbled. It was established as one of Alexandria's planned communities in 1894 and grew to become a popular streetcar community with electric train lines.